What's my Skin Type?


Skin lacks natural oil/ lipids (Alipidic) content and the ability to hold moisture to the skin which means it can develop fine lines and wrinkles more than other skin types. This skin type usually has small pores sebum is minimal. Dry skin loves humidity; winter air can rob the skin's moisture.

GOAL: To keep moisture in the skin. Build and strengthen skin barrier.

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Sensitized skin caused by prolonged exposure to pollution, stress, climate, and chemicals, which can be treated and prevented. Sensitive and sensitized skin is generally characterized by an inflammatory reaction where the skins natural barrier is already damaged or delicate and unable to protect itself from the environment.

Everybody's skin has the potential to become "sensitive", although some people experience ongoing symptoms of sensitivity. 

GOAL: To reduce inflammation and calm redness. Strengthen the skins natural barrier.




Oily and dry areas of the face. This skin type can shift towards being balanced during summer and dry during winter time. Balanced to oily has a wider T-zone and more areas of oily than dry. Balanced to dry has a narrow T-zone and has more dry areas.

GOAL: Balance.  Build and strengthen skin barrier. Gently cleansing and refining the oilier parts of the skin is required while being mindful of maintaining the moisture levels required on the less oily areas of the face.