HI Beauty, did you now you can enjoy a

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your next purchase just by recycling your products from mazi?


Violet Glass & Recyclability

Our Violet glass packaging has proven to be the most optimal receptacle for cosmetics.Biophotonic technology protects the concentrated and active formulations by filtering out harmful rays of light. 

Only the violet light wavelength is able to penetrate the glass."This enhances product viability by activating and energizing the molecules stored within to resonate at a similar frequency to the human nervous system." 

Everyday we work to reduce our impact on the environment

 We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by making a conscious effort to avoid excess packaging where possible and use recyclable containers.


How can I claim my Recycling Reward?

STEP 1: log into your account or create an account with the email address associated with your purchase(s) by clicking here

STEP 2: After you've logged in and/or created your account, return to this page by clicking on the link in the dropdown menu 'Loyalty Rewards'. 

STEP 3: Simply start the recycling process by clicking 'CLICK HERE TO RECYCLE' at the beginning of this page. 

Make your choice and how you would like to recycle your Mazi products by clicking one of the options displayed. Just follow the steps until the end and you'll be rewarded in no time at all! Recycling earns you 150 points for recycling locally and 100 points for recycling through us or a partner brand.

Can I recycle my products at a local facility near me instead of returning the packaging?

Certainly. In fact, we encourage you to do so! Recycling at a local facility creates even more environmental benefits as we're able to reduce excessive packaging that would otherwise be used when your products are send back to us via mail. As an additional motivator, recycling at a facility near you earns you 150 points as opposed to 100 points when you're shipping the products back to us. The only thing we ask for, is that you fill out a quick 30 second form where you can upload a screenshot of your receipt that shows you've recycled your products. Easy!

How fast am I rewarded for recycling Mazi's products?

You can expect to receive you reward almost instantly! Our Product Recycling Team is very fast in the handling of incoming recycling requests. In most cases, points should be available for use within 15 minutes after you've performed your request. You will receive an email confirmation when your points have been added to your account and are available for use.

What we expect from you?

We believe that any relationship should be built on trust. As a result, we kindly make your rewards almost immediately available for use when you've performed a recycling request. Any recycling request made will be monitored by our Product Recycling Team to insure its authenticity by the best of their knowledge and ability. False and/or incomplete requests would only result in meaningless actions as our Recycling Program is completely free. Remember you're not only helping yourself but the environment too!

How do I recycle my products?

Depending on how you will recycle your products, you would either send the entire product packaging back to us or All of our primary product packaging is made out of Black Violet Glass which can be recycled as regular colored glass.

Can I return Mazi's empty products to a Recycling Program of another brand and still claim my reward?

Most definitely! We know there's several other cosmetic brands who take action in considering the environment by offering their own Recycling Program. Some of them also offer the possibility of recycling other brands besides their own. Simply click (I am recycling with a partner program) and follow the steps until the end to claim your reward. The only thing we need from you is a screenshot of a receipt/email to proof you've recycled your product with a partner.


Mazi seeks to nurture and celebrate each individual’s unique beauty. Every time you use Mazi, it serves as a reminder that you are beautiful, that you are appreciated and that you are worthy of a nourished life. 


A Greek word, Mazi means together. And that's exactly what our ethos is about. Creating a better world is done collectively and together we can make it happen. 


Where do we fit in? Creating strong and safe personal care products whilst generating opportunities to support those in need.