Natural Defined

What does natural really mean?

We think that mother nature has done the most marvelous job in creating so many potent and beneficial ingredients for us, so there was no hesitation for us that Mazi Pure had to be organic. But with so many advances in "natural" ingredients lately, it does make you ask, what does natural skincare really mean?

At Mazi Pure, we've developed our own definition that we like to go by, and we use this to form a part of the guidelines for which ingredients we use in our magic potions.

In an organic nutshell here's what you can expect to find in our creations:

  1. We MOSTLY use ingredients that are in their natural state, or as close to it as possible. These make up the bulk of our products.
  2. We use SOME ingredients that have been modified from their natural state in a lab, using processes that occur in nature (these ingredients are called "naturally derived"). These play an important role in water-based products, for example, to emulsify them.
  3. We MINIMALLY use ingredients that have been created in a lab and are "nature identical". These ingredients occur in nature but are either unethical or unsustainable to extract from nature on a large scale, so we create an identical version. A common example of this is vitamin and mineral supplements like Vitamin C or Iron that you might take every day.

We hand-on-heart believe that by using a very small percentage of some (wo)man-made "naturally derived" and "nature identical" ingredients is the best choice for skincare formulas that are not only incredibly effective at helping your skin, but are also well preserved. Our products are as close to natural as possible, but by adding a little bit of clever "conscious chemistry" we are able to make our products really special.

Our nature identical ingredients include some of our most potent actives and are responsible for making your skin so unbelievably happy (like Vitamin C or Vitamin B3!). They're also responsible for helping preserve our products effectively to ensure they're 100% safe for you and your family.