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As a Mazi Consultant, you join a community of like-minded driven individuals committed to sharing beauty products that are good for everyone. You’ll create a meaningful business through your own personal network and empower others along the way.

Mazi’s career plan is designed both to reward you immediately for product sales, and to enable you to build your income over time. Your income grows as you master the skills of selling and recruiting and coaching others to do the same.

Mazi can help you achieve not only short-term income targets but longer-term goals.

Whether it’s to run your own business, have a higher standard of living, or effect real and meaningful change in the world.

25% Commission & More!

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We're looking for you to..


Friends, Family, Network…both online and face-to-face engagement is a must. Are you able to speak authentically & enthusiastically about the Mazi Skincare Line, and maintain consistency in communication? We value your passion and drive to commit.


Does your IG feed look beautiful? How about your Pinterest, Youtube and Facebook? Do you regularly post lovely photos and videos? Can you commit to posting gorgeous Mazi branded content at least 3 times a month? We could be looking for you!


Mazi is a passionate company with a great story to tell. We value exclusivity by combining unique Artwork with professional grade skincare products, made to produce real results. We want Consultants who are able to share this passion. Is this you?

What's in it for you?


As a Mazi Consultant, you will be able to purchase full-sized products at a 25-35% Discount. Simply share quality content and photos/videos using them.


You will receive an exclusive code to share and when others purchase through your link or your personal discount code, you receive 25-35% of those sales.


Be the first to know about exciting new product launches by trying them out and sharing with others. Isn't trying out new products the greatest?!


You do not need a lot of followers to be accepted as a Mazi Consultant. We value your commitment and passion, not your followers.


What do I have to do to stay active?

As we provide you with one new sample or full-size product each month (depending on your level), Mazi does require Brand Ambassadors to have a certain number of sales to remain active.

However, one referred sale per month is enough to keep you active as a Brand Ambassador and you'll keep receiving one sample per month as long as we're in agreement.

Do I receive a discount on any products I purchase?

Yes, you are entitled to purchase products with up to 25% discount. (see the table above). 

*You should make at least 1 sale every 30 days to be eligible for the personal discount.

Do I need a website/blog to participate in the Brand Ambassador Program?

While we strongly encourage a website or blog for Brand Ambassador success, it is not required. If you do not have a website, please include your social media URL's and usernames (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest,..) in your application.

Can we expect to receive any promotional material?

You’ll have access to our creative assets, logos, marketing links and special promotional offers via your personal Brand Ambassador Dashboard. Promotional assets will be updated regularly and will be available to you for download.

Can I be in a competitor’s Brand Ambassador program as well as yours?

Most definitely. In fact, diversifying towards your audience will only augment your credibility and generate you more sales on the long run. As a Brand Ambassador of Mazi, you are not entitled to exclusivity. Of course, we do hope to remain your all-time favorite!

What if my referral order didn't go through or something went wrong?

If for some reason one of your referral orders, or referrals who'd like to join our Brand Ambassador Program didn't go through, don't hesitate to contact us directly at ambassadorcare@mazi.store. Our support team will do everything in their power to resolve any of these issues as soon as possible.

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