The benefits of using Peptides for skin

Peptides are very important ingredients found in several anti-aging organic, natural, and vegan skincare products. They are highly effective and included in anti-wrinkle creams, eye-bag products, and serums.

Nowadays, the beauty industry is saturated with ingredients that work wonders on the skin to give a soft and good-looking appearance, and peptides are one of the extremely important ingredients that gives such results.

But what is it at about? Is it really worth considering?

In this article, we will give you reasons why peptides are highly considered by the beauty industry.

What are Peptides?

Peptides are created from short chains of amino acids linked together to form the building block of proteins.

Peptides formed by linking long chains of amino acid together are known as proteins. These proteins are the building block of organs, skin, and tissues.

A large percentage of our skin comprises of collagen protein which is a very important protein in the body. Collagen helps maintain a supple, thick, and taut appearance, and it declines in production naturally with age.

They are able to replace collagen because collagen cannot penetrate the skin when used in a cream or serum form.

Peptides can signal cells for more collagen production and the repairing of dead cell structures. This is why the skin looks radiant when there is a normal production of collagen.

There are several peptides available, both topical and natural, but only a few are for skincare.

Topical peptides include:
  1. Neurotransmitter Inhibitor Peptides.
These peptides guard against the contraction of muscles, thereby giving the skin a botox-like effect, because muscles that do not contract cannot from wrinkles. This peptide is only effective on wrinkles formed due to facial expressions, and not the ones caused by exposure to the sun or pollution.
Such peptides include: Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38, Syn-Ake, XEP-30, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-28 Argireline.
  1. Signal Peptides
These peptides are responsible for boosting collagen and elastic production, by sending signals to the skin. The production of these proteins helps the skin to stay young and fresh.
They include: Copper peptides, Matrixyl-3000, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide-7, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4.
  1. Carrier Peptides
Carrier peptides carries trace elements such as copper and manganese to the skin, to help improve skin elasticity, heal wounds, and boost collagen production.
These carrier peptides include Copper peptides and X-50 Myocept. Copper peptides are mostly found in anti-aging organic, natural, and vegan skin care products.
  1. Enzyme Inhibitor Peptides.
Enzymes responsive for the breakdown of collagen in the skin are inhibited by these peptides, and this causes the skin to age slowly. Enzyme Inhibitor Peptides also prevent Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs), from functioning properly. These MMPs are a group of enzymes which disintegrate collagen during its rapid development.
They include: Silk fibroin peptides, Trylagen, Soybean peptides, Trifluoroacetyl tripeptide-2.
Benefits of Using Peptides

Peptides are highly recommended as important ingredients in organic, natural, and vegan skincare products for those looking for anti-aging benefits.

These major benefits of using peptides for skin will really interest you.

  1. It stimulates the growth of vital skin proteins.
The elasticity and strength of the skin depends on proteins such as elastin and collagen. The production of these proteins decreases as we grow old, while the existing ones degrade.
When this occurs, peptides signal the cells responsible for protein formation to produce more of it and replace the enzymes that disintegrate the existing proteins. Consistent use of these products which are rich in peptides, helps to eliminate fine lines and also give a firm skin.
  1. It encourages the healing of skin tissues.
Skin damage sustained from aging or sun effects, may be healed by copper peptides - the most commonly used carrier peptide for skincare. These peptides gives out copper as a trace element, into the skin tissues, to help in skin regeneration and wound healing.
Copper peptides are effective in removing scar tissues and rebuilding collagen, and they have antioxidant properties to attack damages to free radicals.
Skin aging is mostly caused by the inflammation of the skin, and copper peptides are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, to help fight this skin condition.
  1. Eliminating wrinkles and fine lines.
Wrinkles may be removed and new ones prevented from forming with Neurotransmitter peptides. These peptides block transmitters that gives signal for the contraction of muscles.
Neurotransmitter peptides as an ingredient in organic, natural, and vegan skincare products, helps eliminate the appearance of fine lines, such as marionette lines, wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyes.
  1. They help reduce skin redness.

Redness of the skin known as Erythema, occurs due to inflammation, infection, or increased blood flow in the capillaries. Peptides such as Carnosine and N- acetylcarnosine has antioxidant properties which helps to reduce redness of the skin when applied to it.

Now, you may be wondering how you'll be able to get these peptides. You can increase the peptide contents in your body by including some foods in your diet.

Listed below are the Natural Sources Of Peptides that are recommended for consumption for a healthy skin.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are rich in dietary peptides such as IQW and IRW. They contain antioxidants and also fight against inflammation.

  1. Meat and fish
Beef, pork, and chicken are rich in bioactive peptides. Marine fishes are rich in essential proteins and peptides which helps prevent skin photoaging.
The skin and bones of these fishes are also rich in collagen which are very vital in organic, natural, and vegan skincare products.
  1. Milk

Milk contains bioactive peptides and its rich in Casein and Protein. When digestion occurs, these components are transformed into different peptides with therapeutic and antimicrobial benefits. Ensure that you choose grass-fed and organic varieties to avoid inflammation caused by dairy consumption.

  1. Soybean

Peptides contained in soybean or other beans has several health benefits. These soybean peptides have been discovered to possess anti-fatigue and antioxidant properties, and it can increase your Type I collagen.


What you eat shows on your skin. So, if you want to have a healthy and radiant skin, choose a good nutrition.

You can improve the collagen production in your body by consuming food and supplements that are rich in peptides. This will help in your skin hydration and repairs.

Apart from these supplements, you can also use organic, natural, and vegan skincare products rich in peptides. But be careful not to purchase products claiming to contain these ingredients.

To be on the safe side, consult a dermatologist first, and don't be in a haste to introduce peptides to your skin.

Still have doubts? We are here to answer your questions.